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Selection Of Green Tea From Guizhou Plateau At High Altitude

Natural purity, away from pollution.

The geographical conditions of "high altitude, low latitude and few sunshine" in Guizhou plateau are rich in organic matter and mineral elements, which are suitable for the growth of high-quality tea.

Through More Than 400 Pesticide Residue Tests In The EU, Which Are Rigorous In The World,Sells Well In Europe And USA

"Lvbaoshi Green Tea" is nourished by rain and fog in Guizhou plateau, and its quality is strictly controlled. It has passed more than 400 agricultural residue tests in the European Union.

Starbucks Teavana Tea Bar sells "Chinese Class Cloud and Mist Green Tea" which is the green tea of the emerald plateau.

Kaufhof Kaufhof and Karstadt are two high-end chain stores in Germany. The Chinese green tea brand sold on the shelves is the green tea of the emerald plateau.

Lvbaoshi Green Tea Export to EU

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